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Family’s search for dog.. warms hearts

December 8, 2017

A dog is man’s best friend as the saying goes; there have been many heartwarming stories extolling the loyalty canines have displayed towards their owners. The story of Gangeshwar Rao, a bus conductor from Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh is a little different. His is a story of man’s loyalty to a dog.

Gangeshwar Rao and his family adopted a stray dog nine years back and named him Sai. Over the years, Sai became an integral part of the family. Rao’s wife and two daughters loved and cared for their pet.However, constant complaints from neighbors forced Rao to take a harsh decision. He decided to give up Sai to animal welfare institute Bule Cross in Hyderabad; although, the institute refused to admit Sai. Left with no choice, Rao abandoned the dog at some distance from Blue Cross in Jubli Hills.

Upon reaching home, Rao was overtaken with remorse. His daughters and wife pleaded him to get Sai back. The family immediately left for Hyderabad. They have been searching for their missing dog throughout the city. The family has also approached the police for assistance. Hope the family reunites with Sai soon.