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Hyderabad resident creates an oasis on his roof

December 18, 2017

Tummeti Raghuothama Reddy, a resident of Hyderabad grows an organic garden on the terrace of his house. Raghuothama Reddy who started the gardening project in 2010 has turned the roof of his house into a near complete and self-sustaining fruit and vegetable farm. Reddy states that apart from accruing tangible benefits of harvesting necessary produce, his terrace garden also has physical and emotional advantages. By adopting the alternative agricultural system of organic farming, Raghuothama Reddy and his family is hale and hearty by consuming fruits and vegetables untouched by harmful pesticides.
After migrating to the city, Raghuothama Reddy faced the issue of space to undertake gardening; he chanced upon the idea of terrace farming after research. He decided to take up the project in a systematic way to cater to the everyday needs to his family. Reddy built the entire garden all by himself, a labour seven years in the making. Reddy advises aspiring terrace gardeners to build large soil segments to grow a full scale vegetable farm.

According to rough estimates, roof space in the city of Hyderabad is close to 40,000 acres; Reddy stresses on pollution reduction rewards that can be achieved by turning the skyline of the city lush green.

Reddy assures that a standard roof will not give way by setting up a terrace farm. Starting a terrace garden is akin to creating nature within the confines of one’s home, in Reddy’s opinion. 60% of the family’s fruit and vegetable needs are met by the garden.

Raghuothama Reddy is seen as a role model in his locality, many of his neighbours are starting to take up similar terrace gardening projects.