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We slammed Telugu Talli, not Andhra Mata

December 13, 2017

TRS MLC Karne Prabhakar stated that the upcoming World Telugu Conference will provide an opportunity to appreciate and honor scholars of language and their contribution to Telugu literature. Prabhakar responded to detractors by saying that those unable to understand the difference between language and region are critiquing the noble attempt.

Prabhakar observed that the symbolic personification of ‘Mata’ has historically always been applied to a geographical region rather than a language or dialect. Prabhakar said that it was viable to have Bharat Mata and Telangana Mata but not a Telugu Talli. The legislator stated that the once prominent image of Andhra Mata was metamorphosed as Telugu Talli by some vested interests.

He also clarified that the Telugu Talli image was slammed during the Telangana movement as it is a bogus symbol but not a word was said against the now extinct Andhra Mata. Prabhakar informed that Telangana Mata will be honored at the conference as it is a state-organized program. Only the national anthem will be sung at the conclave while “Maa Telugu Talli” or “Jayahe Telangana” (probable choice for state song) will find no utterance. Prabhakar announced that district songs for all newly formed 31 districts of the state will soon be made official.

The MLC further thrashed Congress leaders for spreading unnecessary rumors against the upcoming conclave.