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Samantha become more silly after marriage

December 13, 2017

Marriage is a significant moment in most people’s life. It marks a new beginning and heralds considerable change in everyday existence. South Indian actress Samantha who recently married her long-time boyfriend and fellow actor Naga Chaitanya has revealed that her personality has undergone substantial change after the wedding.Samantha recently confessed that she has always been a straightforward person who is never diplomatic about her opinions. For example, Samantha said, she would be blunt about her views on a film story upon hearing the narrative. After her marriage this trait seems to have intensified according to the actress; she minces words no more. This characteristic has reached its extreme as Samantha puts it.

Samantha further clarified that her life remains the same even after marrying into the Akkineni family and she has not lost her independence or freedom in any way. A lot many producers are approaching her with offers but she is waiting for a compelling story line.